Holly Hunter The King of Marvin Gardens

Holly Hunter joined by Ellen Burstyn:

Holly Hunter introduced the 1972 Bob Rafelson film, The King of Marvin Gardens starring Jack Nicholson, Ellen Burstyn and Bruce Dern.

Holly Hunter: "... I kind of gave myself a Bob Rafelson film festival about eight years ago... of all the movies that I saw... this is [Rafelson's] most interior of his movies and its such a deeply felt movie by him... The '70s was a time of great experiment and great improvisational work from filmmakers and I think Bob Rafelson is one of the great filmmakers of the '70s... And of course the performances in this movie are staggering, really stunning. Jack Nicholson, Bruce Stern and Ellen Burstyn give startling performances and it so great that I get the opportunity to introduce to you Ellen Burstyn..."

Ellen Burstyn: "...This is a very interesting movie from an interesting period in film. Most of the people involved in the film are friends, Bob and Bruce Dern and Jack Nicholson and myself... This film is about two brothers and Bob Rafelson's films are often about two brothers... At the beginning, Bruce and Jack were playing each other's parts. Typically, Jack would be playing the part that Bruce is playing in the film... the other part is very interior- an introvert. And on a whim, in rehearsal, Bob said, "Why don't you switch parts?" and they did. And I think it is the most extraordinary work Jack Nicholson has ever done..."

The King of Marvin Gardens

The King of Marvin Gardens directed Bob Rafelson, is a poignant, character driven drama. Just two years following his triumphant role in Five Easy Pieces, Jack Nicholson re-teamed with Rafelson in this realistic story of small-time losers and big-time dreamers.

Nicholson plays David Stabler, a quiet late-night DJ who is forced out of his dull life when his impulsive and reckless brother Jason, (Bruce Dern) calls from an Atlantic City jail. David is dragged into Jason's flamboyant plan of willing women, easy money, and ownership of a Hawaiian island. Together with Jason's girlfriend (Burstyn), the two brothers attempt to figure out what their next actions should be.