Neil LaBute Manhattan

Neil LaBute presents Manhattan:

Neil LaBute hosted a screening of his favorite iconic film Manhattan.
The event was sponsored by The Week.

LaBute: “I remember what a great experience the film was. Everything about it seemed perfect: it was a terrific screenplay, understated in terms it was shot. It’s been influential in number of ways.”


Manhattan (1979) is a drama written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Diane Keaton, Mariel Hemingway, Meril Streep and Michael Murphy. The main character, Isaac Davis (Woody Allen) is a divorced TV writer living in Manhattan. His ex-wife who is living with another woman is writing a revealing confessional book about their marriage. While Isaac is dating a 17-year old high school girl he meets another woman who is having an affair with his best friend. His decision to begin a relationship with her effects the lives of everyone involved including his own.