Away We Stay 

To celebrate the opening of W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square, W London commissioned IN-HOUSE to create a film short (10 minutes) lifting the figurative lense cap off of a fictitious guest Alex Worthington. Shot on location in Leicester Square “Away We Stay” written and directed by Edoardo Ponti, and produced by Katrina Pavlos, is a romantic tale of love, life and the choices we make in the middle…

It is an ode to Michael Antonioni’’s classic, fashion film Blow Up starring Helena Christensen and David Gandy with a stellar supporting cast including Tom Hollander, Nick Moran, Georgina Rylance, Amber Nuttall, Nic Roeg,  Kinvara Balfour and Fenton Bailey – son of infamous photographer David Bailey who is said to have been the inspiration for Blow Up in the first place.


                                                                    Nic Roeg                                           Fenton Bailey

                                                                    Tom Hollander                                Georgina Rylance

                                                                    Amber Nutall                                   Kinvara Balfour

                                                                    Nick Moran                                       James Wright






Behind the Scenes