Cadillac x Warhol


For Cadillac X The Warhol Museum In-House paired artistic collaborators for the global exhibition, “Letters to Andy Warhol” which centers around five different interpretations of rarely seen letters from the Warhol archive.

Sean Lennon took a letter from Mick Jagger and wrote a song to accompany a virtual reality experience. Brian Atwood and J.J. Martin took a rejection letter from the Museum of Modern Art (the museum wasn’t interested in Warhol’s shoe illustrations) and created an illustrated children’s book about acceptance called Bobby’s Brilliant Heels. Derek Blasberg took Polaroid portraits of his own renowned friends, inspired by a note from Yves Saint Laurent to Andy about friendship. Chiara Clemente directed a short film, produced by Katrina Pavlos and Tori Cook, centered around a series of letters where Warhol tries to befriend Capote. Screen Stories, with an ode to Warhol’s Screen Tests, includes interviews with Sienna Miller, David LaChapelle, Aimee Mullins, Nick Rhodes, Zac Posen, and  Francesco Clemente. “It’s part of this idea that everyone starts somewhere,” says Chiara Clemente.

The Exhibit travelled from Summit at Sea to Cadillac House in New York, then continued in Los Angeles, Miami, Munich and Dubai.




New York

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