The two-part short film produced by IN-House Series is a collaboration between Chivas Regal, the original luxury whisky, and Canana – the art-house Mexican film company founded by life-long friends Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz, and  Julián Levin. Drifting brings to life the idiosyncrasies of modern male friendship. The friends and business partners worked collectively to develop the storyline, directing and producing the films in their native Mexico.

Filmed in Tulum, Mexico, the first short tells the story of three old friends and explores themes of trust, forgiveness and acceptance. The characters reconnect after drifting apart and find themselves falling straight back into the comfort of old friendship.

“This project really interested me because the story involves this idea of an intervention, a moment of crossing a line to make your friend wake up,” said Diego Luna. “I think friends are the only ones that constantly cross that line and because you’re friends you let them and that’s the beauty of it because sometimes they know what is best!”

This is the first time both actors Diego and Gael have worked together in this way, each directing a story around the same characters. In-House paired them for this special celebration of friendship.


Filmed in Cabo San Lucas, the concluding installation of Drifting finds life-long friends, Nico (Pablo Cruz Guerrero), Andres (Ari Brickmann) and Al (Alexander DiPersia) floating in the middle of the ocean with just a life preserver between them after an unexplained prank. While the characters try to figure out what has happened and what to do next, the short explores themes of trust, forgiveness and acceptance as they reconnect. As the tale unravels, it reveals an elaborate set-up culminating in a surprise ending that makes the friends realize the importance of making time for friendship.

Speaking about the project and how it feels to work with close friend Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal commented, “It will be really interesting to see how the two films interact and work together because Diego and I have very different approaches to everything! Luckily we work really well together and bring out each other’s potential. That is one of the great things about our friendship and something we understand about each other. I don’t just respect his point of view, I like it! He always has something different to say and I like to hear that from him. I think that’s what makes this project exciting and different.”


Behind the Scenes