Julianne Moore & Robert Altman Present 3 Women

Julianne Moore & Robert Altman Present 3 Women

Julianne Moore screened the film 3 Women (1977) as the movie that inspired her. The great surprise and honor of the evening was that Grand Classics committee member Robert Altman came to join her in the presentation of his film. Julianne Moore told the audience and her film idol:

MOORE: “When I was a kid I went to the movies a lot and saw absolutely everything….but somehow how I missed all of Bob’s movies which you would not think would be possible. But I did. So I was in Harvard Square and I was 19 yrs. old and I went to the revival house to see this movie “3 Women”. And I was like “what is this? What is this movie?”. “Who is this guy?” Because for the first time in my life, honestly …I saw a movie and I felt something. I felt like there was a person behind it. There was an idea behind it and there was somebody there telling a story. And I said “ah that’s what I want to do. I want to work with that guy” And I thought never in a million years would it happen…. So it was my great great great great fortune years later that I got a meeting with Bob for a movie called “The Player” which I didn’t get. And I was devastated!”

ALTMAN: “you had long red hair and you were much too attractive.”

MOORE: “…. then he had this other movie called “Short Cuts”. And I got a phone call from Bob… seemingly out of the blue ….saying “Hello this is Bob Altman – do you know who I am?” And that’s how I became lucky enough to work with Bob Altman. He is I think the finest filmmaker I know, that I’ve ever known. And I’m very very proud to be here and introduce him and he can talk about his film “3 Women” that changed my life.”

3 Women

3 Women (1977), directed by Robert Altman is an insightful masterpiece that tells the story of three women whose identities merge and blur together until ultimately creating the illusion of becoming one person. Altman throws the viewer into the middle of one of his eerie yet brilliant dreams leaving them there to ponder and contemplate human existence, identity, and personality.

Pinky (Sissy Spacek) a childish naive girl starts work at a health spa for senior citizens in a california desert town. At the spa she meets Millie (Shelley Duval), a talkative and obnoxious though somewhat lonely physical therapist. The two women become friends and decide to move in together. Finally Millie has someone to talk to, but slowly, as Pinky begins to emulate Millie, the two personalities seem to blend into one. A third woman, Willie appears throughout the fringe of the film adding to the intrigue.



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