Away We Stay directed by Edoardo Ponti – W LONDON




IN- HOUSE Series connects sponsors and filmmakers to create provocative, newsworthy filmed content and events. Liaising with talent, often from Grand Classics, our global team works from ideation through to production and marketing, facilitating meaningful partnerships and collaborations that engage the target audience.



Short Filmed Entertainment

We produce short filmed content, identifying with brand partners their ideal talent associations and producing the shorts from script through to marketing and events. Similiarly, we work with talent to find the right brand partners for specific ideas.


Talent Negotiation

IN-House works closely with brand partners to identify the right opportunities and engage talent, whether on special projects or endorsements from idea through to contract.


Influencer Marketing

Leveraging our global event presence, through specific events and opportunities we can seed product to influencers in a way that is natural and effective for both press and tastemakers.


Event integration

We work with brand partners on events that are film-centric. We bring together the worlds of fashion, art, music, and film in way that inspires meaningful and sustained engagement as well as press results. We produce the events from the inception to delivery, ensuring the results are in line with the brand’s objectives, whether an art installation or a series of global events across key markets.