Sam Taylor-Wood Don't Look Now

Sam Taylor-Wood presents Don't Look Now:

The evening was sponsored by Motorola and showcased their new phone, the RAZR2.

"... When asked to come up with a favourite film ...I got down to about five and I realised that actually three of Nicolas Roeg's films were on my list: Performance, The Man Who Fell to Earth and Don't Look Now. It was quite difficult to choose, because it was either something like this or something that makes me cry...

I decided I didn't want something that makes everyone cry! I really want to show something that's a great British film and a film that's still, when you look at it now, you feel like its innovative filmmaking...

(On how it has influenced her work) "Tomorrow I am getting up at six am to go to a big dark industrial space, to make these new photographs where its dark, there are tunnels and it just looks like a big empty space but there's a clown running out the back of the room."

Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now is a superbly chilling essay in the supernatural, adapted from Daphne du Maurier's short story about a couple, shattered by the death of their small daughter, who go to Venice to forget. There, amid the hostile silences of an off-season resort, they are approached by a blind woman with a message of warning from the dead child; and half-hoping, half-resisting, they are sucked into a terrifying vortex of time where disaster may be foretold but not forestalled.