Alan Cumming Waiting for Guffman

Alan Cumming presents Waiting for Guffman:

Alan Cumming came out to host a screening of one of his favorite films, a quirky comedy Waiting for Guffman.

Cumming: “I think this is a work of genius. It manages to be utterly hilarious, completely tender and touching, and biting and satirical at the same time. It actually taught me a lot about America. As I saw it shortly after I moved here, I realized that if these type of situations and characters were being parodied then they must actually exist.”

Waiting for Guffman

Waiting for Guffman (1996) is a mockumentary starring, co-written and directed by Christopher Guest. Its cast included Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Ley, Fred Willard and Parker Posey.
The film is a parody of a community theatre set in the fictional small town of Blaine, Missouri. It chronicles the trials and tribulations of a handful of utterly delusional residents as they prepare to put on a community theater production led by eccentric director Corky St. Clair, played by Christopher Guest who invites a Broadway theater critic Mr. Guffman to see the opening night of the show.